The Benefits of Membership

One of the best ways to support the Exceptional Theater Company (ETC) is by becoming a member. The most important benefit of membership is knowing that you are assisting the Actors. It also allows us to serve the community through exciting plays, programs and various other events we ...

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Volunteers are a very important part of the Exceptional Theater Company (ETC)

Volunteers help to improve our actors' self esteem and confidence, assist the staff with important tasks both on and off stage, encourage community support for ETC and aid in raising much-needed financial and in-kind support ...

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For Actors

The Exceptional Theater Company (ETC) strives to energize and motivate

We have had instances where children who have never spoken before, start to speak. Some who had not moved, yet learn to do so. There are many success stories at ETC, one is of a young lady who came to ETC in her early 20’s as a shy ...

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We literally can’t do it without you! In communities across this state, we're working every day to ensure that every individual with special needs has an opportunity to experience the art and science of theater. In order to continue our vital work, we need your support.

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Share your ETC pride where everyone can see it! Visit our online store to purchase your ETC T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia. When you make a purchase of one of our offical ETC products, a portion of the proceeds helps to send an actor to drama class and assists ...

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what’s new

Our instructors and staff our excited about this years program and can't wait to get started. Class schedules for the various locations have been posted, and the instructors have been assigned. As always, we will leave the play for each location a surprise! We at ETC hope you had a safe, ...

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